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Economy East Macedonia and Thrace Prefecture of Rhodope

Pedestrian street with shops at Komotini
(Photo: Nikos Hatzigeorgiu)
Central square of Komotini
(Photo: Nikos Hatzigeorgiu)
Building of Prefecture of E.M.Th.
(Photo: Nikos Hatzigeorgiu)
European Information Center
(Photo: Nikos Hatzigeorgiu)

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Prefecture of Rhodope: Economy

Stefania Christianou
Source: ILSP
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Agriculture dominates the economy of Rhodope prefecture. Cotton, tobacco, wheat, corn, sugar cane, sunflower, cherry, kiwi and vegetables are the basic agricultural products. Timber industry is another important sector for the economy. The sea is rich in fish and the subsoil in mineral wealth (marble, granite, graphite, geothermic field). In the area of Sapes, as well as in the Perama hill, on the border of Rhodope and Evros prefectures, gold deposits have been located.
An industrial zone expands to the east of Komotini with fodder factories, food and clothes industries, aluminum industry, while further to the east there is a timber industry and a thermal power station. The region has been favoured by development laws and had attracted in the past many industries and factories. The International Exhibition Centre of East Macedonia and Thrace is located in the industrial area.The construction sector is still thriving, despite signs of decline in recent years.
The region produces good quality honey and wine. Komotini is famous for the syrup sweets and the dried fruits and nuts. Lovers of traditional Greek coffee always seek the aromatic freshly-roasted coffee.