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Medusa bridge and the mosque (tzami) of the village
(Photo: Nikolaos Th. Kokkas)
Medusa bridge
(Photo: Nikolaos Th. Kokkas)

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Medusa bridge

Nikolaos Th. Kokkas

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The Medusa bridge is situated over the Kompsatos river, in Medusa village and 53 km away from the city of Xanthi. It is a two bowed bridge, 30.20 m in length and 2.50 m in width. The biggest bow is 11.30 m in length and 6 m in height. The small bow is 2.20 m in length 1.80 m in height. The Medusa bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges of the mountainous Xanthi, an integral part of the traditional settlement of the Medusa village. The small bow was rebuilt recently, after the floods of 1996 (29-30.11.1996). This flood destroyed many houses also.
The Medusa village (Memkova in Pomak language) is in 340 m altitude. The village?s inhabitants were 311 in 2001. In 1940 they were 689.