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The small bow of the Gianouli bridge
(Photo: Nikolaos Th. Kokkas)
The Gianouli bridge
(Photo: Nikolaos Th. Kokkas)

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Giannouli bridge

Nikolaos Th. Kokkas

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The tree bowed bridge of Gianouli is located in the Evros prefecture, near the Gianouli village (250 altitude, 276 inhabitants). It is 13 km away from Soufli and then you must follow a dusty road that is on the left of the village. The decking?s length is in 32 m and the width in 3 m. The big bow is 6.70 m in length while the two smaller ones are 4 m and 2.10 m in length correspondingly. The southern bow of the bridge is double with the upper one functioning as a dome.
The Gianouli bridge connected the mountainous pathways that led from Sidiro, Dadia and Kotronia to the Soufli area that was an important commercial center. Today it is difficult to reach the bridge, since there is no proper signaling. But if you make it, you will be rewarded by the natural beauty of the landscape where the bridge is situated in.