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The two bowed bridge of Petrolofos
(Photo: Nikolaos Th. Kokkas)
The two bowed bridge of Petrolofos
(Photo: Nikolaos Th. Kokkas)

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Petrolofos bridge

Nikolaos Th. Kokkas

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The two bowed bridge of Petrolofos is situated in the mountainous part of Southern Evros, 5 km away from Petrolofos village, at the Pousarits area (374 m altitude). It was built recently, in 1958, by Istanbul Hasan, a gifted craftsman. According to the local narrations, the man predicted that the bridge should be broad to let the carts pass along it. For this reason, the decking?s width is in 2.80 m. A new widening was made in order to let the cars pass by now. The decking?s length is in 36 m. In front of the bridge, you can see the ruins of a water crusher. It is believed to be a part of the initial construction plan that declined. We meet another stone bridge at the same current.
The Petrolofos settlement is in 460 m altitude and it had 109 inhabitants in 2001. It is 68 km away from Komotini, 10 km away from Mega Derio and 53 km away from Soufli. At the Souleiman Dere area of Petrolofos, there is a well preserved water mill, which has a mandani (a kind of the water mill?s machinery) for the elaboration of woolen pieces (especially kapes and rugs).