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East Macedonia and Thrace
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Source: CETI/R.C. "Athena"
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In the Homeric poems, which are the first written sources for Maroneia, the city of Ismaros is referred to as the homeland of the Ciconians, the brave warriors of the Iliad. Rich Maron, the grandson of Dionysus, was the king and the priest of Apollo in the mythological city of Ismaros or Ismara. In the Homeric epic poems, the Thracians appear to be great wine producers. It is actually said that Maron was famous for the sweet wine he produced in his own secret way from the vineyards of the area. According to the myth, Ulysses, on his way back home, stopped in Maroneia, plundered the city of its treasures and killed its defenders. However, he showed respect to Maron and his family. Then Maron, in order to show his gratitude to Ulysses for his generosity, offered him some rich gifts that bear witness to the development of the area, such as gold, silver and twelve pitchers of Muscat wine. The mythological tradition has it that this sweet-smelling but also very strong red wine of Maron helped Odysseus and his companions to escape from Cyclops Polyphemus by intoxicating him.