The village of Kimmeria in the Municipality of Xanthi is of particular interest for its history, culture and natural beauty. With the sole exception of one recently published book (by A.Z. Domtzides and N.T. Kokkas) the region has not been showcased promoted and studied to the extent it deserves. The ancient fortress of Kimmeria, the foundations of the Byzantine church of Ayia Marina, and the foundations of the church near Pigadia in the region of Neapolis are evidence of the rich past of Kimmeria, despite the fact these monuments have been damaged by illegal excavations. The village?s population mix, with the peaceful coexistence of Christians and Muslims and the presence of Rom, provides an interesting multicultural environment with a popular culture covering a wide range of customs and activities. Pomak songs have recently been recorded and released on a CD of traditional demotic songs, a small section of which was recorded in 1961 by S. Imellos during a folklore survey by the Hellenic Folklore Research Centre of the Academy of Athens. These provide a small musical sample, which in combination with local stories, customs and place names, are elements of the cultural heritage of Thrace.

Easter souvenir photograph
Armed soldier at Sentry Box 80
Trip to the Monastery of Panayia Kalamous
Full-figure photograph of a man and a woman
May Day at Evmoiro
Carnival at Kimmeria
Agricultural work outdoors
Trip to Evmoiro
Gymnastics display
Tree planting at Kimmeria Elementary School
Coffee house of Panayiotis Papanikas
Constantine Caramanlis and local authority representatives
Agricultural work: ploughing
National holiday at Kimmeria
Wedding photograph
Kimmeria cart-makers
Achilles Karamanlis visits SEKE
(Photo: Φώτο Λουξ Μόδεστος, Κομοτηνή)
(Photo: Φώτο Λουξ Μόδεστος, Κομοτηνή)
(Photo: Φώτο Λουξ Μόδεστος, Κομοτηνή)
(Photo: Φώτο Λουξ Μόδεστος, Κομοτηνή)
(Photo: Φώτο Λουξ Μόδεστος, Κομοτηνή)
Irrigation works
Full-figure photograph of a man
Elementary school class
Celebration at a fair
Women posing
War monument in Kimmeria Square
Photograph of a couple
Elementary school class
Agricultural work: sowing tobacco seeds
Departure for Australia
Refugee settlement at Kimmeria
Elementary school class
Easter festivities
Cleaning the church of Ayios Demetrius
1920s' taxi
Tree planting
Red Cross
Girls at the Kimmeria river
Full-figure photograph of a woman and a man in uniform
Tobacco workshop
Nursery gymnastics display
Nursery gymnastics display
Wedding photograph
1920s' taxi
Child with a bicycle
Little Greek "tsolias"
Procession on Easter Sunday

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