A stroll around Asia Minor

Vasilis Aivaliotis

© Foundation of Thracian Art and Tradition

A tour along the Asia Minor coast, with an emphasis on Byzantine ecclesiastical monuments: Vasilis Aivaliotis, Civil Engineer, and Christos Pantzoglou, Electrician. Both work at the Democritus University of Thrace Polytechnic School and are members of the Cultural Development Centre of Thrace, for which they undertake survey journeys to areas with a Greek presence outside of today?s borders of Greece. As Vasilis Aivaliotis says: "This tour was undertaken with an eye on the past, as a pilgrimage to the places where Asia Minor Greeks flourished and suffered. It was also undertaken with an eye of the future, so we can contribute to the effort of contemporary Greeks to understand their Anatolian half. We believe that our people cannot fully understand themselves, can never have a complete understanding, if the dimension of a wider Thracian, Asia Minor and Pontian Hellenism is missing".

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