The ritual of Beis

Mina Macheropoulou

Kiopek Beis in Northern Evros enjoys authority by announcing on Monday before Ash Monday the arrival of spring and the euphoria of nature.
Escorts who are accompanying him are called Silini, Satiri, Menades, Moutzour Hatzis and Kadines. The musical instruments playing are zournas (aerophone) and daouli (membaronophone). Sporiades are going ahead of the course. They wonder around wishing and cursing. Beis is treating guests and having fun, either putting fines, punishing and threatening with his topouza (mace). Moutnzouris is leaving smoke on everyone making them furious. Kadines (men dressed as women) are making noise and having fun during their attempt to trace their victims.
The celebration ends up with the ritual of seeding at the square while the authority of Beis is falling apart through the burning of his crown or his throwing in the water. A ghlendi is beginning.

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