Mina Machairopoulou
Source: CETI
© Eastern Macedonia - Thrace Region

After October?s rainfalls and when seeding begins, Tzamalarides ?peasants- present at their houses? yards located in Nea Andriani village a ritual where there is a struggle between the old and the new, the young and the veterans who contest a beautiful young woman, Gadina, that represents life.
The dramatized elements are intense but given in a comic way in order to cause laughter to the ones attending. This ritual gives the chance for improvisitation and loose talks. After the murder of the older man from the younger one, the winner is taking Gadina for his wife. The ghlendi that follows lasts till late midnight.

Tzamala of Nea Adriani
(Photo: Mina Macheropoulou)
The older and the younger man contesting beautiful Gadina
(Photo: Mina Macheropoulou)

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