Momogeri / Momogeria

Mina Machairopoulou
Source: CETI
© Eastern Macedonia - Thrace Region

A dramatized custom for a fortunate year with a company of performers. We find many variations of it at the regions where Pontians were settled. The contributors wear bells as well as lambskins and goat skins. The main character of the company is Momogeros or Kiti gotsas or Pardalas (Thrilorio) who breaks in the village?s houses with his company during the sunset and tries to deceive the housekeepers. The bride?s abduction has an important role. The bride and the groom conciliate after repeated arguments of the performers. The priest who comes in the end marries the couple. Momogeria (the whole company of performers) dance and have fun with the accompaniment of the Pontian lira (chordophone) and davul (membranophone). Then they leave the house in order to visit the next and do the same things.

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