Egg battles

Mina Machairopoulou
Source: CETI
© Eastern Macedonia - Thrace Region

Pontians used to dye eggs in different colors (ploumista) on the Saturday before resurrection. The first clinking of the eggs was made by the children at the yard of the church after the resurrection.
The clinking lasted for three days of Easter. Many people could distinguish the harder eggs from the sound they made when bobing them on their teeth. The Pontian cultural club of Thrilorio established years before a competition of clinking eggs, egg battles, since the Pontians were gothered every Easter at coffee houses with many eggs to clink. The first, second and third winner are rewarded since their eggs were the hardest.

The winner takes the prize of the egg battles of Thrilorio
(Photo: Pontian cultural club of Thrilorio ?Kerasounda and Gars?)
The table of the egg battlers (1997)
(Photo: Pontian cultural club of Thrilorio ?Kerasounda and Gars?)

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