Mina Machairopoulou
Source: CETI
© Eastern Macedonia - Thrace Region

Every Lazaros? Saturday Paradimi club and its friends, escorted by a team of girls, pass by the central roads of the city of Komotini singing the Lazaros? carols and communicating the spirit of Vagia Sunday. People at villages make the idol of the resurrected Lazaros which they bring from one house to another for good luck and receive white eggs from housekeepers while singing:
Lazaros came, Vagia came, Sunday when we eat fish came
Stand up, Lazaros, do not sleep, your mother came from the town
She brought you a piece of paper and a wallet
Write down Theodore, Dimitris,
write down about a lemon tree and a cypress
Layers are having eggs, nests cannot hold them all
Happy Easter

Lazarines and Lazaros? idol (Didimoticho area)
(Photo: Dimitris Vrachiologlou)

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