Municipality of Nevrokopi

Baira Clio

The Nevrokopi basin covers an area of 873,000 km2 and has a real population of 8,026 inhabitants. It is the largest Municipality under the Capodistrian Plan, not only in Drama but also in the whole Greece. It covers the half north section of the Prefecture of Drama and the ? of the entire Prefecture and is located at an altitude of 560 m.
The Nevrokopi basin is a rather peculiar area because it forms a tableland in the Greek-Bulgarian borders. In general, the morphology of the region is characterized by intense mountains; 85% of the area is wooded with pastureland, while only 12% is cultivated area located at an altitude of almost 500 m.
The main occupations of the local population are agriculture and livestock farming. The region is famous all over Greece for the potatoes of Nevrokopi.

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