Municipality of Nikiforos

Baira Clio

The Municipality of Nikiforos is located at the southeast of the Prefecture of Drama. It covers an area of 240,998 km2, consists of 7 municipal districts and includes 21 settlements scattered all over the area of the Municipality, which is seated at Nikiforos. According to the 2001 census, the Municipality has a population of 4,279 inhabitants. A large part of them is descendents of refugees who are mostly employed in viniculture, oil production and livestock farming. The Municipality was given honoris causae the name of Nikiforos by the Byzantine emperor Nicephorus Phocas, who, according to tradition, was bewildered by the beauty of the landscape and the hospitality of the locals.
The area has a history of many millenniums that goes back to the Prehistoric era. Three settlements have been uncovered that date to the Bronze Age. The area experienced a heyday during the Byzantine times and the established Christian religion, as it can be seen by the tens of picturesque and imposing churches. The most distinguishable are the chapel of St John and the church of St Nicolas built in 1884.
Nonetheless, the magic of nature will literally bewilder visitors who may visit the fantastic landscape of Drymotopos, where reality meets imagination at a mythical landscape of unrivalled beauty in the dense beech forests. Visitors feel the beauty of this area in all of their senses. The Municipality has created and taken care of some beautiful and bright-green recreation grounds, a pure oasis of peace and calm so that visitors can enjoy and always remember. The gorgeous recreation grounds like the small forest of Adriani, also known as Mais, St Jonh of Platania, the small forest of Ptelea and Prophitis Ilias of Nikiforos give the opportunity of escaping into an idyllic environment, just 10 km from the town of Drama.
A great variety of cultural events is organized during the year by the active cultural societies from each municipal district, aiming in the preservation of tradition. The participation of the four sport clubs in many sport events is also to be taken in account. Paying a visit to this land will reward any visitor with all the virtues it possesses.

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