General information on the Municipality of Aigiros

Baira Clio
Source: CETI / "Athena" R. C.

The Municipality of Aigiros has a population of 4,418 inhabitants and covers an area of 139 km2. It is seated at Aigiros. Its inhabitants are refugees from Eastern Thrace and the Pontus. The Municipality consists of the municipal districts of Aigiros, Arogi, Glyfada, Kalisti, Meleti, Messi, Nea Kalisti, Paralia of Messi, Porpi and Fanari.
Fanari is a picturesque seaside village on the Thracian Sea that is situated next to lake Bourous, opposite Porto Lagos, on the borders of the Prefectures of Xanthi and Rodopi. It is the most publicised village of the Municipality of Aigiros. The village consists of fishermen and farmers. On 8 January the village?s cultural society organises the "Gynaecocracy" festival, a folklore event arising out of a combination of ?Bambo? and ?Gynaecocracy?; every Shrove Monday the society serves bean soup, Lenten dishes, ouzo and wine.
The area possesses natural attractions and in the summer it is full of holiday-makers enjoying its refreshing aquamarine waters.

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