General information on the Municipality of Arriana

Baira Clio
Source: CETI / "Athena" R. C.

It is situated to the north of the Prefecture of Rodopi and its population is Muslim. It covers an area of 178 km2 and has a population of 5,789, who are mainly farmers, though there are some traditional family businesses that are involved in occupations that no longer exist. The municipality is seated at the village of Arriana; at a distance of 30 km, after crossing the mountain of Rodopi, visitors arrive at the mountain villages of Kechros.
The Municipality consists of 14 municipal districts and belongs to the borderland area of the Prefecture of Rodopi. It covers the northeastern section of the Prefecture of Rodopi and borders with the Municipality of Sapes and the Prefecture of Evros to the east, the Kechros community to the north and the Municipality of Filyra to the west. In addition to its lowlands, it possesses mountainous areas with sites of outstanding natural beauty. These areas have the potential of developing agro-tourism, since they are in a position to protect the environment from interventions that could degrade its structure by employing mild forms of development, highlighting the area?s natural beauty and protecting its flora and fauna.
Visitors to this area may enjoy savouring traditional dishes and the locals? hospitality. Lovers of hunting have the opportunity to experience something unique in a special landscape endowed with rare flora and fauna.

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