General information on the Municipality of Neo Sidirochori

Baira Clio
Source: CETI / "Athena" R. C.

The Municipality covers an area of 80 km2 and has a population of 3,497 inhabitants. It consists of the following villages: Neo Sidirochori (municipality seat), Nea Adriani, Kalamokastro, Mavromati, Mikro Doukato, Aghioi Theodoroi, Megalo Doukato and Pagouria. The residents of Neo Sidirochori are refugees from Samakovi or Sidirochori in Eastern Thrace. On the first Sunday of September a meeting of the people of Sidirochori origin is held, since this is where their cultural heritage is preserved.
The residents of Nea Adriani are refugees from Malgara in Eastern Thrace. The church of the Pamegistoi Taxiarches celebrates on 8 November, which is an ideal opportunity for the women?s society to highlight the village?s rich cultural heritage. The residents of Kalamokastro are Muslims and their main occupations are agriculture and livestock farming. The old traditional village of Mavromati is situated next to river Lissos. Its residents are Muslims. Mikro and Megalo Doukato are Muslim villages with a cultural society that undertakes to promote the villages? cultural initiatives. The village of Aghioi Theodoroi is inhabited by refugees from Proussa in Eastern Thrace and Fokia in Smyrna. The village of Pagouria consists of Muslim and Christian refugees from Eastern Thrace, Sarakatsans and Greeks from Pontus.
Four Women?s Cultural Societies operate in the municipality, along with the Cultural Club of Neo Sidirochori, the Society of Repatriated Greeks of Pagouria and the Cultural Society of M. Doukato.

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