Municipality of Thasos

Baira Clio
Source: CETI/ Athena R.C.
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The Island of Thasos is located at the northern Aegean, opposite the shores of Eastern Macedonia. All the beaches make 115 km and the island extends at an area of 378.84 Km2. It is 18 nautical miles from Kavala and 6 miles from Keramoti and the airport of Chrysoupolis. It belongs to the Prefecture of Kavala. The island has a population of 13,000 inhabitants, whose main occupations are tourism, fishery, agriculture and apiculture.
The excavation finds demonstrate that Thasos was inhabited as early as the Prehistoric times (3500 - 2600 BC). The first inhabitants were persecuted by the Phoenicians. In the 7th century, Greek colonists from Paros arrived at Thasos, discovered the rich deposits of gold, iron and marble and developed important commercial activity on account of these mineral deposits as well as of the woods and the Thasian wine. In the 5th century BC, the Greek Thasian state was founded with several colonies, military and commercial fleet, intense economic activity and hard currency. In 340 BC, the island was conquered by Philip II. During the Roman domination, it enjoyed a regime of special privileges. In 1459 it was occupied by the Turks, and liberated and incorporated in Greece in 1912.
The exquisite and crystal clear sea embraces the island and reflects its beauty. Wonderful and limpid beaches are found all around the island, like Chrysi Ammoudia in Scala of Panaghia, Chrysi Akti in Scala of Potamia, Koinira, Paradeisos, Thymonia, Althki, which is considered as the swimming pool of the island, Psili Ammos, Astris, Poto and Limenaria beach, Pefkari, Atsapas in Scala of Maries, the Kallirachi beach, the Sotira beach, the Alsyllio beach in Scala of Prinos, Scala of Rachonio, Pachys, Papalimanim Glyfada, and in the town of Thasos the beach of Aghios Basileios in Nysteri, and Glykadi. Every beach holds unique natural beauty. The calm and crystal clear sea is ideal for water ski and surfing. There is a great variety of sea fishes. In the last years, new forms of tourism, like trekking and climbing, have been developed with the exploitation of the old footpaths connecting the villages. Trekkers can enjoy a landscape of unique beauty during their walk and make a stop for a short rest in several kiosks that are already being created.
Limenas, the capital of the island is a modern, yet picturesque small town. It is ideal for taking a walk and wander in the narrow roads with the tens of small shops. The picturesque small taverns, or ouzeri, are also amazing. The entire island is full of hotels, bungalows and rent rooms that operate almost during the whole year. Limenas is ideal for taking a tour around the island and discover every span of this earthly paradise. The modern port is built next to the ancient one and is big enough to receive throughout the year merchant and passenger vessels. Visitors may visit the archaeological museum with a collection of a rich finds dating to the 7th century. The Vagi Museum at Potamia is also worth visiting. The Philippi & Thasos festival takes places every summer and its programme includes performances of ancient drama and concerts, which are held in the ancient theatre of Limenas. The bright green and wonderful island of Thasos is ready to welcome you.

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