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European Language Resources Association Institute for Language and Speech Processing National Technical University of Athens

Post-conference Excursion

A post-conference excursion is scheduled for June 3rd. For details and booking information please check this page.

Web-Site information

The information about Athens and the conference venue is structured in the following way:

  • First, basic information is provided, which is necessary for all conference members, and describes the conference venue, means of transportation, communication facilities and information about the weather.
  • For those wishing to learn a bit more about Athens, what the city has to offer to the visitor, what are the highlights one should not miss, a second 'round' of information is provided, with images and useful links to other sites in the sections Archaeological and Zappeion.
  • For a single printer-friendly page containing all the information in the "Basic Info", "Archaeological" and "Zappeion" sections but without the pictures, please click here.
Finally, the conference section contains information on the conference program, papers, abstracts and authors.

Disclaimer: "LREC, the related workshops, and all of the supporting organizations are not responsible for any accidents (to equipment or people) that might occur during the travel to and from LREC and for the duration of LREC2000 and its workshops"

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