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Thrakika Chronika, Issue 33
Thrakika Chronika, Issue 34
Thrakika Chronika, Issue 36
Thrakika Chronika, Issue 38
Thrakika Chronika, Issue 42
Thrakika Chronika, Issue 44

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East Macedonia and Thrace
Prefecture of Xanthi
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Thrakika Chronika

Thrakika Chronika
Source: Stephanos Ioannides
© Athena Ioannidou
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The periodical Thrakika Chronika (Thracian Chronicles) published by the late Stephanos Ioannides was the most significant publishing effort for the highlighting, research and showcasing of Thracian writing and history. Even today, researchers and general readers turn to its issues for valuable material on the historical, literary and folklore research of Thrace. These issues have been hard to find for a while now, since the final volume was published.