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Culture Source Manuscripts East Macedonia and Thrace Prefecture of Xanthi
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East Macedonia and Thrace
Prefecture of Xanthi
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Mandra Archive, Prefecture of Xanthi

It contains information on the origins of the refugees and other inhabitants of the region, economic transactions and documents on property ownership.

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Kassitera School Archive, Prefecture of Rodhopi, 1937-39

The Kassitera School Archive revives, through the correspondence and documents it contains, the intellectual climate among the refugees from the Pontus during the interwar period. The correspondence and documents also provide evidence for daily life and economic transactions.

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Prefecture of Xanthi Archive

Contains documents and correspondence relating to events organised by the Prefecture, applications, works, company transactions, names of employees, their specialisations, daily salaries and places of work, list of authors proposed for participation in a series of literary lectures, and theatrical productions.

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