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Neoteri Thrakiki Logotechnia I
Neoteri Thrakiki Logotechnia II, Texts

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East Macedonia and Thrace
Prefecture of Xanthi
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Neoteri Thrakiki Logotechnia

Thanasis Mousopoulos
Source: Prefecture of Xanthi Pontian Association
© Prefecture of Xanthi Pontian Association
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The two issues of Thanasis Mousopoulos? Neoteri Thrakiki Logotechnia (New Thracian Literature), published by the Pontian Association in a collective effort to record the history of Thrace, are an attempt at a synoptic overview of the literary output of Thrace in modern times. Included in this overview are writers with roots in Thrace but who were active outside the geographical limits of the region and distinguished throughout the whole of Greece. This publishing effort is useful for the study of important trends and movements influenced by the region?s literary output. Their digitisation is also significant as these issues are now out of print.