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East Macedonia and Thrace
Prefecture of Xanthi
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Abdera, ge tou Kallous kai tou Stochasmou

Thanasis Mousopoulos
Source: Publication of the Abderan Community, Xanthi Prefecture
© Abderan Community, Xanthi Prefecture
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The study Abdera, ge tou kallous kai tou stochasmou (Abdera, Land of Beauty and Contemplation) looks at the history of Thrace?s best-known archaeological site, a city that flourished during classical antiquity. Its pages contain information not only on ancient Abdera, bus also on Byzantine Polystylo and Bouloustra in the Ottoman period. The diachronic narrative of the changes in the city, which maintained its splendour, as can be seen in the extracts from works by foreign travellers in the early 19th century, brings to life the greatness of its philosophical thought and the contestation of ideas with a wider influence. The description of Democritean philosophy and the brief biographies of philosophers and poets who came from or lived in the region relate the cultural wealth of a city that flourished for centuries.