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Pomakika Demotica Tragoudia tis Thrakis

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Pomakika Demotica Tragoudia tis Thrakis

Ali Rongo
Source: Thrace Fund
© Thrace Fund
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The book by Ali Rongo, ?Pomakika Demotica Tragoudia tis Thrakis?, is a splendid effort at collecting the rich musical and poetical heritage of the Pomaks of Thrace in order to highlight the unique musical wealth of the region. As the author states, the 125 songs included in the book are especially old as some even talk of the ?comitadjis.? The songs differ from village to village, and each has its own history. Most, however, were created by people experiencing suffering, poverty, hunger and separation. In the past they would be sung at festivals in the Pomak villages, sometimes accompanied by dancing, although very few today sing them publicly. Given the danger, then, that beyond the oral tradition they would be forgotten, the author decided to collect and publish a number of them, so that they could be preserved in the collective memory.