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Apo tin Konstantinoupoli sti Raidesto

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East Macedonia and Thrace
Prefecture of Xanthi
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Apo tin Konstantinoupoli sti Raidesto

Demetrios Mavrides
Source: Thrace Cultural Development Centre
© Thrace Cultural Development Centre
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The historical and cultural picture of eastern Greater Hellenism is the subject of the book Apo tin Konstantinoupoli sti Raidesto. Se Anazitisi tis Neoelliniikis Taftotitas (From Constantinople to Raidesto. In Search of Modern Greek Identity). In addition to the presentation of an important historical period that greatly shaped contemporary developments, the eastern dimension of Hellenism is connected to the country?s contemporary concerns. A diverse collection of postcards provides the scene for an era rich in cultural production, with its own architectural physiognomy, contradictions, conflicts and tumultuous direction.