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East Macedonia and Thrace
Prefecture of Xanthi
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Dedication to the literary work of S. Ioannides and K. Veikou-Serabeti

T. Mousopoulos, D. Kasapides, G. Andreou

© Foundation of Thracian Art and Tradition
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Dedication to the literary work of Stephanos Ioannides and K. Veikou-Serabeti (lectures and poetry readings).
The event included lectures, poetry readings and presentations from T. Mousopoulos, philologist and author, ?Post-war literary Xanthi?, D. Kasapides, historian, ?The work of Stephanos Ioannides?, G. Andreou, researcher, ?Katika Veiko-Serabeti and her work?, D. Kataki, philologist as well as pupils from the 1st Unified High School of Xanthi, who were awarded for their work in the student competition ?The cultural work of the Xanthiot authoress Katina Veikou-Serabeti.? The event also included exhibitions of books, paintings, manuscripts and texts of Stephanos Ioannides and Katina Veikou-Serabeti, and other representatives of the literature of Xanthi.
Post-war literature of Xanthi: The region of Xanthi was particularly fortunate in the arts and letters during the second half of the 20th century.
There are two main representatives of this literary flowering: Katina Veikou-Serabeti and Stephanos Ioannides. Prose, Poetry, History, Folklore and Theatre are the areas of their literary activity. And one organ that supported and promoted literary and cultural production, the periodical ?Thrakika Chronika?.
Many others were active in addition to Ioannides and Serabeti, such as Evangelos Lambrou and Joseph Nikolaides, who remained in Xanthi until their deaths, whilst others still live in the large urban centres, primarily Athens and Thessaloniki, writing literary texts yet without losing their ties to the homeland.