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Ahrian Mosque ,Xanthi

Georgios Tsigaras
Source: C.E.T.I./R.C. Athena
© Region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace
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LOCATION:The mosque is situated in the Old Town at the Akropolis district (Ahrian Mahalle)

MONUMENT:The mosque is a room built with stones and wooden framework .The minaret is on the South-west side of the building and the balcony is situated on two ring-like flatways which lean on cogged φουρούσια.The mosque includes the original building and ulterior additament.

The interior is simple. The mihrab which was decorated with a simmple baroque design is quite interesting.Today the side of the mosque which is turned towards Mecca (Kibla) is covered with modern oriental tiles. The bibmer(rostrum)is on the North-west of the mosque and is decorated with geometrical neoclassical designs.

In that mosque it is reported that there was a seminary .On the North west of the mosque there is a burialground in which there are 28 graves,on 16 of them there are inscribed plates dated from 1580 to 1896.The preceeding graves of 16th century help us date the establishment of the mosque.