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The Greek Alphabet
Letter Combinations | Alphabet: stress
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Alphabet: stress

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A word may be stressed only on one of its last three syllables: Click on any of the words appearing below and listen carefully in order to comprehend the different stress positions.

3 2 1
3 2 1
3 2 1
           υ πό θεση              φαντα σί α                  καταστρο φή
              ρά διο                       χά ος                         μηχα νή
        φαι νό μενο                 ντο μά τα                          οπτι κό ς
       αυτο κί νητο                       θέ μα                         πειρα τή ς
          α τμό σφαιρα                      τρέ νο                               τα ξί
         ελι κό πτερο            φιλοσο φί α               χαρακτηριστι κό