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Bekctashic Tekkes
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East Macedonia and Thrace
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Kioutouklou Baba ,Bekctashic Tekke

Georgios Tsigaras
Source: C.E.T.I./R.C. Athena
© Region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace
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LOCATION:The tekke is located on the west coast of Vistonida lake,in the middle of a cultivable area (Kalami) near Selino village.

MONUMENT:The octagonal tourbe (mausoleum) is the only part of the tekke which still exists.According to 19th century sightseers' attestation it must have been located in an enchanting area in an elm forest.The tourbe is a careful stonework building with hacked tiles,an arched roof and two entrances (east and south).In the main room there is a tomb almost ruined which is covered with a green cloth and there are Bekctashic symbols like the axe and the kioulahi(Bekctashic miter).At the east entrance there is an arched antechamber.The existance of candles,incense and plastic crocks signify the use of the tourbe as a worship place for the becktash of the area until now.

The tekke was possibly built on the ruins of a christian temple since it is well known that there used to be Saint George Kalamitziotis' temple there.Several conjectures have been made about the person burried in the tekke and several datings have been suggested.It may be a building construced by the Othomans in the late 15th century.