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Bekctashic Tekkes
Sacred precincts
East Macedonia and Thrace
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Ali Baba ,Bekctashic Tekke

Georgios Tsigaras
Source: C.E.T.I./R.C. Athena
© Region of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace
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LOCATION:In Ioannis Polemis street,in the yard of a house.

The Monument:It is a small dwelling built with mud-bricks in where there is Ali Baba's built tomb, which is covered with cloths and carpets which are religionists'offerings.

THE MONUMENT:There are cloths and a chaplet on the marble inscribed column which is on the dead's head.
There is an inscribed column which is on the outside eastern wall which was written by Eseyit Seich Chach (1852) in the memory of Ahmet Effendi.The identity of the dead is not known however it is assumed that it is the establisher of the tekke as it is known that on the outside walls of the tekke there used to be the tomb of the establisher or the renovator.